HPS2SDRAM bridge is screwed sometimes

Is there a safe way to upload bitstream in Linux? It seems it screwed sometmes after upload. I know, initializing hps2sdram bridge is tricky and has to be dome in u-boot. That’s how i did it. According to info https://support.criticallink.com/redmine/projects/mityarm-5cs/wiki/Important_Note_about_FPGAHPS_SDRAM_Bridge the bridge should work after subsequent bitstream loadings as long as configuration of hps2sdram is the same. According to my experiments it’s not! I try to load the same bit stram several times in a row, and bridge gets broken may be after 3-5 tries. I’m using Altera VIP components to process the video, so i see a broken video when bridge is broken. It starts to output video with some parts shifted. After subsequent loading i may get a video completely out of sync and HDMI is simply give up to show it. So, something bad happened while stream loading… I was trying to make some workarounds like putting my core into reset state before reload the RBF file. I’ve tried to turn off all bridges before upload. Nothing helps… And it gets worse if i try to upload by JTAG where i have no control from HPS side, so in this case i cannot to any actions before bitstream load…

So, how to load bitstream in linux without breaking the hps2sdram bridge?

I want to add clarification: When bridge is broken, it remains broken and cannot be recovered through subsequent bitstream loading. Only HPS cold/warm reset recovers the bridge.