Image contents in WS-1

Hello There…

After this forum helped me install the software, I am now starting to work my way through workshop 1. I downloaded the image file…


and put it onto a micro SD, then looking at the contents…

the part of the image on the left is what the WS1 instructions expect you to see, but on the right is what is there. There are some files that you are supposed to copy to your laptop that just aren’t there.

Has anyone been through this before? Do I need those files (“hps_isw_handoff” folder, the “output_files/.sof” file and the “soc_system.sopcinfo” ).

Thanks in advance!



When you compile the Quartus project the hps_isw_handoff folder will be created as well as the SOF and sopcinfo files. The Quartus project will be located in the ALTERA_AV_SOC (or another of the highlighted folders, depending on the board).