Instructions not up to date

instructions not up to date

I’m trying to build the u-boot and linux krnel a pre the instructions

some of the required libraries such as is32-libs, required for a 64 bit os, are obsolete. When I tried to build the u-boot
using the make mrproper command I get a error:
error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

some of the repositories may have been changed or moved. Do you have more up to date instructions?

Yes the repositories are new located on gitHub:

To build the u-boot, I use the altera EDS and build it on the base from my quartus project. (same way like the preloader)
For the kernel, I use the altera git: and the linaro toolchain.
This is the same way like the description in the subchapter “Building Linux Kernel” in the chapter “Building Kernel & U-Boot Separately From Git Trees” from your link…

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