Interaction of NIOS 2 with FPGA Board Possible without USB Blaster Cable?

Hi all,
I am following the tutorials of NIOS 2 applications and its interaction with Arrow Sockit Board using Eclips software. In tutorial, they always mention to connect Arrow Sockit Board using USB Blaster Cable. But I dont have a USB blaster cable. Is there another way to interact the NIOS 2 Application with Arrow Sockit Board?

Hi @Muhammad_Atif

Can you be a bit more specific as to what you mean by “interaction with Arrow Sockit Board”?


I have a hardware HDL design based on NIOS ii processor. I want to write a software for it. Now, I navigated to ECLIPS software. I wrote my software part in C. Now I want to check it but it is asking me to connect my SoC Board to the computer which I saw on video tutorials that is possible with USB blaster cable. I dont have a USB blaster cable. Is there any other way to use debug feature of ECLIPS based on NIOS 2 processor without using USB blaster cable?
Refer to this tutorial.
Altera FPGA tutorial - “Hello World” using NIOS II processor