IP address after reboot

I have a cyclon V board, that works OK with my code.
But on the SD card there is no etc/network/interfaces.d directory or interfaces file.
In etc/network I created a new file called interfaces:

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

But after boot, this file is not executed!
Just when I type:
ifup eth0
the new IP address is set.

How can I set this automatically after reboot?


Hello, alkuhn,
it depends on operating system You are using. The simplest way of network settings is based on init-script. You should find it at directory /etc/init.d if Yours distribution has SystemV and the script would be named such as S40network or something similar. It is very simple shell script easy to understand. If Your system has Systemd, the solution is a bit more complicated and You should study basics of Systemd first.
Angström distribution of Golden Reference Designes version 14 and later are based on Systemd, older versions are based on SystemV.
I hope this could help You a bit.
Yours Jan Konečný.