Kernel Image is downloaded then nothing happens


I am using DE5-Net FPGA. I built a system with 256MB DDR3. Reset vector at 0x1000_0000, exception vector at 0x1000_0020 and fast TLB miss exception vector at 0x07fff400. For the reset vector and exception vector, I used DDR3 memory. For the fast TLB miss exception vector, 1024KB size on-chip memory was used.

For linux kernel configuration, the memory address is set as 0x1000_0000.

When I download the image file, there was nothing wrong but the kernel is not booting.

$ nios2-download -g /…/linux-socfpga/vmlinux && nios2-terminal
Using cable “DE5 Standard [1-4]”, device 1, instance 0x00
Pausing target processor: OK
Initializing CPU cache (if present)
Downloaded 9081KB in 10.1s (899.1KB/s)
Verified OK
Starting processor at address 0xD0000000
nios2-terminal: connected to hardware target using JTAG UART on cable
nios2-terminal: “DE5 Standard [1-4]”, device 1, instance 0
nios2-terminal: (Use the IDE stop button or Ctrl-C to terminate)

What could be the problem? How to debug? Can anyone please help?