Learning Altera tools and custom component interface to ARM

Hello all,
I am new to Altera FPGA boards and sofware tools. I have used Xilinx tools.
I have Arria V SoC development kit. I want to interface my custom hardware to ARM and call the hardware in C language in both bare metal and Linux environments.

I have documents on Rocketboards.org and documents provided by Altera. But many of these documents use template designs without explaining step by step process. Also these documents use shell commands that hides on going steps.

Please reply how should I start and learn. If there are any documents or tutorials which provide step by step processes, that will be very helpful for me. The documents need not to be explicitly meant for Arria V SoC kit. Documents for any development board will do.

My requirement: I want to learn the FLOW ​and interface a custom hardware to ARM and call it in C language. I want to use DS-5 tool.

Thank you all in advance.

Hi @gudurvy

I am in a similar quest to yours…

For the initial steps, I found this series of tutorials helpful:

Now I am stuck at a higher level, how to pack all the SW elements into the SD card for a custom board.

Hopefully we can help each other on this front.


Thank you @ptorru for your reply and link for learning.

I have found the following two training courses from Altera much useful.

While reading Rockeboard courses, I have come across custom board.
Please see the following links:
https://rocketboards.org/foswiki/Documentation/EmbeddedLinuxBeginnerSGuide (In the 4th section, Generating the Preloader, you can see the preloader settings needed for custom board)
https://rocketboards.org/foswiki/view/Documentation/PreloaderUbootCustomization131#Adding_a_New_Board_to_Preloader_38_U_45Boot ( In the section, Adding a New Board to Preloader & U-Boot, you can see information about a custom board.