LED Driver for SoCKit board

I’m able to boot the pre-built LXDE binary on my Sockit Cyclone V board. The only identifying thing is dmesg is the git hash 3.13.0-00298-g3c7cbb9-dirty.

The build seems to work fine, and I can blink the LEDs using the “led_blink.c” program found in SoCKit_Matecials_16.0.

However the pdf in this tutorial shows an Angstrom build, and it talks about getting to the LEDs via their location in the filesystem at /dev/leds. Also the tutorial mentions gsrd_init.sh and led_blink_devices.sh scripts, none of which I can find in my LXDE binary image.

Can someone please point me to either the proper Angstrom prebuilt SD card image that matches the tutorial, or point me to someplace where I can get the LEDs to show up in the file system so I can continue the tutorial?


I found a “CycloneV_Linux_SDcard” in the intel_fpga directory… I’ll try that.


I’ve just put a working lxde on a sockit Rev.D and know I’m trying to understand how it works trying to control the HPS leds and FPGA leds.

As you explain Yocto/Anstrom seems to have the hardware declared at /dev but not in linaro/debian

did you make any improvements?