Linux Angstrom and DE10 Standard

Hi! I’m trying to run the code from a file I do all the steps, but when I start, I get the error ERROR: Did not find a cmdline Flattened Device Tree. I use the DE10 Standard board. Can there be an error because of this and how to fix it?

I’m sorry if I come across as a spammer, but I genuinely feel that all the tutorials online for the DE10-Nano (and related Cyclone V boards) use outdated kernels and U-boot that are ancient. For example, the pdf you linked to uses Angstrom 2016.

If you are beginning with the Cyclone V, I would recommend my Absolute Beginner’s guide to the DE10-Nano as it walks you through all the steps needed to build your own Debian based bootable SD Card using the latest kernel release.

You can also download a ready to use bootable image from the releases page.

I have also added the steps to build your own SoC design from scratch of a simple hardware based adder.

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@jakewong1992 Thank you!