My Linux booting is stuck at this point.FPGA is configured and i tested the slide switches and LED and my logic is working perfectly fine. anyone has idea where is the problem?

The process of the Linux booting should struck by some of the reason and that you must know that from the guidance of the Epson technical support for the entire knowledge of that.

I didnt get your answer. What do you mean? Actually when I try to boot the Linux from FPGA configuration (.rbf) then it boots fine but as soon as I try any other .rbf then it stucks at this point. I even tried with a simple and gate fpga configuration file and it even stucks then. Now where is the problem!!

This is stuck because when your internet connection is slow, for fix this you can go to Router Technical Support for help, they can told you how to solve this in quick way.

Ensure that both ends of the USB cable are firmly inserted. If the printer is networked then make sure the Ethernet cable is firmly inserted.
Try the end of the cable in multiple ports on your PC/laptop if available.
Epson Printer Offline on Windows 10

Hello @Muhammad_Atif,
I am affraid some advertisement bots has attacked Forum of RocketBoards, aren’t they?
Stuck of booting at the phase of Lighttpd starting was discussed here some time ago. But it could be caused due to many reasons - wrong configuration of Lighttpd as well as wrong configuration of operating system.
I recommend to start with disabling initial script of Lighttpd. You will see if the system start properly and this will point You where to look a problem for.
If You use System V, You could disable initialization by simly renaming script /etc/init.d/S40ligthttpd to e,g /etc/init.d/_S40lighttpd. If You use systemd, it could by done via command sysctl if You use it, but depends on configuration of Your system.
Best wishes,
Jan Konečný,

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Hello @Muhammad_Atif,
could I ask You, how it is going?

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Hi @JanKonecny
Thank you so much for your reply and support. Luckily everything is going fine and well. I didn’t dig in into this topic a lot but instead I tried out the SD card image provided by Terasic (supplier of my cyclone v sockit board).
Secondly, I had a custom design and I was doing adjusting my preloader according to that. But now everything is fine and well. thanks again for your support.

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