Linux Error Adding Additional EMACs to Stratix 10 HPS


I am using a project based on the GHRD/GSRD for the Stratix 10. The reference design comes with 1 EMAC enabled in the HPS system and it is brought out to an external PHY.

I am trying to add 2 more EMACs (Stratix 10 HPS has 3 native EMACs) and route them to the Stratix 10 Native PHYs inside the FGPA logic (ultimately off chip to SFP modules). The ARM is running the Altera Angstrom Linux.

I tried basing my changes off the Intel Stratix 10 SoC SGMII Reference Design ( both the firmware and the Linux DTS/DTB. When Linux boots up it finds the MACs but says it cannot attach to the PHYs. I have SFP modules instead of the 88E1111 PHY located on the Intel Stratix 10 SoC development kit. What do I have to change to make this work?