Linux Kernel for DE1-SoC

Do I can use this link for my DE1-SoC ?


I think this can work…
By the way, the git repositories are moved to gitHub:

Hi schnudi,

Thank you for your reply.

Does these repos are good for both SocKit and DE1-SoC without configurations ?


Hi Gregory
Yes, this repositories are good for each SoC-FPGA board. Generally the Linux kernel is independently from the development board. You can load de default configuration for the CycloneV and build the kernel.

The hardware description is done with the device tree source. You will find this in the linux-socfpga repository for different boards (including the DE1-SoC). Create the dtb with the dtc (device tree compiler)…


Hi Schnudi,

I tried to follow the steps below to run my DE1-SoC board without success :

Step 1: Obtaining Yocto Source Package

$ wget
$ chmod +x linux-socfpga-13.02-RC10-src.bsx

Step 2 : Setting Up Yocto

$ sudo ./linux-socfpga-13.02-RC10-src.bsx
$ /opt/altera-linux/bin/ ~/yocto
$ source ~/yocto/altera-init ~/yocto/build

Step 3 : Building U-Boot/Kernel/Rootfs

$ bitbake u-boot
$ bitbake linux-altera
$ bitbake altera-image

Step 4 : Creating SD Card Image

$ ~/altera/13.0/embedded/
$ cd ~/yocto/build/tmp/deploy/images
$ cp -f socfpga_cyclone5.dtb socfpga.dtb
$ mkdir rootfs
$ cd rootfs
$ sudo tar xzf …/altera-image-socfpga_cyclone5.tar.gz
$ cd …
$ sudo /opt/altera-linux/bin/
-k uImage,socfpga.dtb
-rp u-boot-spl-socfpga_cyclone5.bin
-t /home/gurubikes/altera/13.0/embedded/host_tools/altera/mkpimage/mkpimage
-b u-boot-socfpga_cyclone5.img
-r rootfs/
-o sd_image_yocto.bin

Step 5 : Using SD Card Image

$ sudo dd if=sd_image_yocto.bin of=/dev/sdb bs=1M

Results : U-Boot does not boot !!! What are the missing things ?



Hi Gregory,
It’s hard for me to find your problem, because I never used the yocto project.
But when the u-boot didn’t work, maybe something is wrong in the preloader.
Maybe you can build your preloader and u-boot with the handoff files from your quartus project and the altera EDS.

Furthermore, a good idea to setup your own build environment is, to change the components step-by-step.
For this, I used a prebuilded Image and changed only some parts from the Image with my own files. For example, I changed only the preloader and u-boot files…