Linux rebuild - do_kernel_configme failure

Hi, I managed to follow the instructions last week to build Angstrom Linux for the Cyclone V SoC Altera dev board GSRD 17.1, but on trying to rebuild it I am getting an error I don’t understand.

The error is:

ERROR: Task (/home/kevin/angstrom-build/layers/meta-altera/recipes-kernel/linux/ failed with exit code ‘1’

I have tried to do a “clean” with bitbake -c clean gsrd-console-image, but that doesn’t make any difference. Seeing the original build took over 12 hours to complete I am a bit reluctant to completely delete my distribution and rebuild from scratch. Build machine is an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS VirtualBox VM.

I am completely new to Linux builds, so this may be a silly issue !

Any help appreciated.

Here I have 2 tutorials on how to build angstrom 2013 (kernel v3) and 2016 (kernel v4). They compiled and were successfully tested on DE1-SoC and DE0-nano-SoC.