Linux u-boot, kernel, device tree and rootfs on Cyclone V


I am working on the HPS side(ARM Cortex-A9) of the Cyclone V Soc.

I am trying to generate u-boot, kernel, roots and device tree without using Yocto.

Was able to generate kernel and rootfs using buildroot and device tree can be generated using dtc. But, could not find anything for u-boot.

Please let me know if there is a way to this without Yocto.


Hi, i’ve done the same thing.

go over here for a guide building everything without yocto


  1. Using the altera Embedded Command Shell(@ programms/SoC EDS)
    -first you need a fpga project(quartus) with a HPS(qsys) and Compile
    -type bsp-editor on the shell
    -file/new bsp and choose your preloader directory (ex.<quartus_projekt>/hps_isw_handoff/soc_system_hps_0
    -configure the bsp
    -press generate
    -cd /software/spl_bsp
    -preloader-mkpimage.bin will be generated (preloader)
    -in spl_bsp folder type “make uboot”
    -uboot.img will be generated (u-boot)

  2. Or use and take a look at the Makefiles @ /software/spl_bsp


Thanks a lot guys for prompt replies.

I was able to compile all without Yocto.