Load Kernel module in DE1-SoC Linux Ubuntu


I am using Terasic DE1-SoC development board. The operative System’s image stored in the SD card is Linux Ubuntu Desktop.

The system boots alright. However, I cannot load a kernel module I need for serial conversion USB/UART. Specifically, the modules I need to load using “modprobe” command are “usbserial.ko” and “ftdi_sio.ko” (the second one depends uses the first one).

The reason that it does not load is because there isn’t such module in the FileSystem. The only modules found on the filesystem are for version “3.8.0-Xillinux-1.1” and the actual version of the kernelis “3.12.0-00307-g507abb4-dirty”.

Furthermore, I cannot compile my own module from source code because I do not have kernel configuration.

Please does anyone knows how I can do that?