Looking for a Linaro Ubuntu Linux image for Arria10 SX

We need a working Linaro Ubuntu Linux image for the Arria10 SX. We only found an image file of Angstrom Linux.

Does someone got a link to such an image file?

Thank you

Are you interested in attempting to build the sdcard image for your system?
I might be able to help you with that, but I don’t have a Arria10 SX board to test.

Thank you for answering.

yes, i am trying to build the root file system that i will then burn to flash memory.

I’ve managed to build it using buildroot (https://rocketboards.org/foswiki/Documentation/BuildrootForSoCFPGA).

I test it loading the root fs using uboot over a NFS server (before burning) but it always gets stuck after the messgae “random: nonblocking pool is initialized”.

If I ping the board it answers so it is not frozen but I don’t get any other messages and eventually the login.

In between I found somewhere an image that I manage to boot but it will be good to understand what is the problem for the future.