Looking for a tool chain - im new


Hello, im having problem to find a tool that allows me to compile code for arm 9. We have a DE0-Nano-SoC. No problem using Quartus for fpga part, but using HPS, is there any toolchain with librares and apis to start the project?. GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain doesnt support Arm Cortex-A9. Im needing a Free Tool Chain with pheripherial librares emmbedded etc, to use SPI, UART…


Install the the SoC EDS from Intel FPGA website. Open the SoC EDS command shell and run your gcc/makefiles from there.


Thank you roberbot, thats the option that Terasic expose on their manuals, i ve using it with some examples, Im installing DS- 5 web license, its easier to generate make files, admin .h libraries… and so on…