Looking for Cyclone V SoC (SoCkit) simple web socket server example design


I have a project that is based on the Cyclone V Nios II “web server” example design. I am trying to recreate that example project in a Cyclone V SoC (SoCkit board sold by Arrow and built by Terasic) but I’m not sure how to import that design into the ARM DS-5 software. It looks like the Web Server project used NicheStack to “run a basic HTTP server application to serve web pages from a file system in flash memory via Ethernet.”

Some background:

In the (non-SoC) Cyclone V environment, I created the Qsys design with a Nios II processor, memory, LEDs, GPIO, DIP switches, etc. I then opened the web server example design in Eclipse and imported the SOPCINFO file that Qsys created and compiled the project. A colleague created an iOS app that opened a socket connection to the Nios and we were able to control the LEDs and GPIO using the app. If I am able to recreate the webserver using the ARM core in a Cyclone V SoC, I think I can successfully port our changes.

Has anybody tried porting the NicheStack to the ARM core in a Cyclone V SoC, know where the web server example design went, or have any guidance on this effort? Thank you in advance for any help.