Make Error Building Kernel and U-Boot Separately From Git Trees

Hello ,

I am designing Linux OS image for custom hardware which took reference from Arria 10 SoC. I am building OS by taking reference from :

While Building Kernel and U-Boot Separately From Git Trees I am getting following error:

Please help with the same.

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Hello @PriyaJ,
I can see You exported CROSS_COMPILE, but I think You forgot export ARCH too.

export ARCH=arm

Default configs are sorted and stored according to architecture and if no architecture is specified, error about unknown default config happen.
I made the same mistake many many times :slight_smile:.
Best wishes
Jan Konečný.

Hello @JanKonecny,

I tried using : export ARCH=arm

The same error is shown in attachment . Please reply for the same.

Do i need to make any change in makefile ?
Or Is there any other way to build “uboot_w_dtb-mkpimage.bin” uboot binary image which can be boot from SD card to Arria 10 SoC?

Can you provide me some other way to resolve this error?


Hello, @PriyaJ,
well, I has looked at the source of Yours branch and there is no configuration for Arria10.
So, try to checkout this Tag:
Hope, this could be the proper solution for Your SoC.
Besh wishes,
Jan Konečný.

Hello @PriyaJ,
could I ask You how it is going?
By the way, why do You not compile U-Boot for Arria10 with BSP Editor of Intel SoC EDS?
Or there is an alterative to try UEFI (via Intel SoC EDS as well as via github repository).
Hope You have already compiled it.
Yours Jan Konečný.

Hello @JanKonecny ,

I am trying to do same using Intel SoC EDS.
Just a doubt , In case i need to do HPS hardware changes(i.e. in our custom board , we have used DDR3 bank, also configured UART in place of SPI communication) , so in which file do i need to make those configuration changes?
Will that affect the standard u-boot file (uboot_mkpimage.bin)?


Hi @PriyaJ,
I am sorry, I do not use Arria 10 SoC, but Cyclone V only.
But such changes should be done automatically with configuration generated with QSys into folder hps_isw_handoff. This folder is sourced by BSP Editor and it adjusts U-Boot source code (whitch BSP Editor generates, too). So compiled U-Boot and its preloader from this adjusted source will reflect every configuration of Yours SoC made with QSys.
I am sory in case Arria 10 function in different way.
Yours Jan Konečný.

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