MCV-X6DB startup

Dear All,

I have just ordered Aries MCV-X6DB , As I am new to Altera and FPGA SOC concept. I dont understand where to start.

I have downloaded QuartusLiteSetup-17.0.0 , ModelSimSetup-17.0.0 , cyclonev-
And build the mcv-master project.

Also I have download u-boot source,and build it.
Also setup the yacto environment and build everything.

But i did not found Processor side ‘C’ start-up code so i can build and test FPGA-HPS communication, where can i get the test code and pre-build binary’s to test the hardware and to start my code.

I Got My board, but how can i cross compile c application to run on linux. Where can i download cross compiler for altera HPS?