Menu config used for binary for Cyclone V SOC with PCIe MSI

I am specifically looking to configure and build the Linux kernel for sample design , Cyclone V SoC with PCIe MSI. The example design is perfect for my use case, except i need to use a Broadcom based Ethernet card. The example design uses a Intel GT ethernet card.
The prebuild binaries works ok and during running lspci at device
i get the Vendor ID of Altera as root port and Vendor ID of Broadcom as end port.
But now i need to include the broadcomm driver in the kernel.
I tried to follow the angstrom linux build tutorials , to build zImage. But none of them finally list any pci device at lspci command. Only the prebuild binary gives it.
So please guide me to the original menu config used for the prebuild binary for CYclone V SOC with PCIe MSI.