Permission Denied


I have DE0-Nano-Soc and I compile my first program hps_gpio on my windows PC.
I use Paragon ExtFS then I transfert my file on my SD Card. When I execute the program on DE0, I get “Permission Denied”. I connect with root.
I tested on my MAC with Paragon ExtFS and I have the same error.
Yesterday, that worked well but without compile file.

Thanks for your help


You don’t have execute permission for the file. It’s easy to fix.

root@atlas_sockit:~# chmod -v u+x hps_gpio

This is the command to change permissions on a file. In this case, we’re adding the ‘-v’ verbose flag, and saying “for the file owner”, “add”, “the execute permission”.

You should get a response of:

mode of ‘hps_gpio’ changed to 0744 (rwxr–r--)



Thanks and that works very well on MAC (Terminal)