Please help with compiling preloader for Cyclone V SoC FPGA GHRD project

I’m running intel quartus prime standard edition (18.1), and intel SoC EDS (18.0), both with free evaluation licenses. I am trying to build the cyclone V GHRD. I follow the procedure to compile the hardware design, and generate the preloader, but when I try to compile the preloader in the SoC EDS command shell I get this message:
nferguson@D14NFergusonDT ~/Desktop/DE10_NANO_SoC_GHRD/software/spl_bsp
$ make
tar zxf /cygdrive/c/intelFPGA/18.1/embedded/host_tools/altera/preloader/uboot-socfpga.tar.gz
tar: Error opening archive: Failed to open ‘/cygdrive/c/intelFPGA/18.1/embedded/host_tools/altera/preloader/uboot-socfpga.tar.gz’
make: *** [uboot-socfpga/.untar] Error 1

Here are links to the design flow I am following:

I would very grateful for any help or advice. Thanks!

Hi nick_poc,

I have/had the same problem(s) when following the RocketBoards tutorials;

After a while I found this tutorial:

This worked/works fine for me! Just do exactly as described and you’ll be fine.


Hello EagerToLearn,
If one uses the tutorial you refer to (EDS running under Win10), the very same error happens.
Does anybody have a solution for this error?
Best Regards

Hi Johi,

The tutorial is for linux users but basically it should also work for Windows.
I would check the make file for linux commands and replace them with the Windows equivalents.

Hope it helps.

Hello, @Johi,
does this thread Preloader Compiling Error in Windows 10 answear Your question?
Besh wishes,
Jan Konečný.

Hello @JanKonecny,
your post was the solution to my issue,
thank you very much for the answer.
Best Regards,

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