Poly-Platform: More info on Altera SOCs

After the update release of Poly-Platform for Cyclone V was announced, additional information was requested which may be useful to this audience. While marketed as data sharing tools for multicore and the IoT, Poly-Platform for the Cyclone V also improves the “getting-started” time for by pulling together the AMP components for booting, Linux and the RTOS and configuring an operational SOC environment. With Poly-Platform, the developer has a host/target environment to immediately begin developing the application, saving weeks of time. The tools also allow for memory to be organized on the SOC. Chip to chip transports are supported allowing data sharing using a common API between the SOC and other compute devices such as other SOCs, CPUs and workstations. For more information, please contact PolyCore Software or you may contact me directly at Ted.Gribb@PolyCoreSoftware.com