Porting from cyclon-v to arria-v


We need to port simple application which uses ethernet application (and driver) in arm HPS from cyclon-v kit to arria-v kit.

I’ve tried to find any material about this issue, but didn’t find any.

Can anyone give some hints what should we take care of when doing such porting ?

Thank you,


are You interested in software porting only or are You need to port some specific own HDL code too?
The software port should not be complicated, because HPS of Cyclone V and Arria V are nearly identical. The ethernet controller hardware as well as the driver is the same for both SoC. You can find it in the documentation of Intel (Altera) at many places. You could mention that IP component of the Hard Processor System at Qsys is the same for Cyclone V and Arria V.
The only task would be use a distribution (or just Linux kernel) compiled for target SoC. That should be all, no more complications :slight_smile: .
Yours Jan Konečný