Porting from NIOS to ARM of uc/os project


We are planing to do porting of a complete uc/os project from NIOS to ARM.

As we understand, it should be just a matter of adding bridge to ARM (in FPGA), and still use the same peripherals in FPGA: ethernet (tse, triple speed ethernet) , ethernet phy, UART, Flash.
I mean, we shall continue to use the sowftare with a light modification of adding bridge in FPGA, and therefore accessing all these controllers through a bridge.

So, this far it seems like “not a big deal”.

Yet, I also think that since using DS-5 does not create a ready-made project for uc/os we need to import the “cpu files” from uc/os to DS-5 project, Right ?

Is there something else that we should consider when doing such project porting from NIOS to ARM, which we might have missed here ?