Preloader buils with Yocto possible without using preloader generator?

I get the impression that it is possible to build u-boot including the spl preloader without using the preloader generator tool, hwoever I could not find any detailed informartion.

I assume that in case this is possible the handover files most be used as an input for the build process and somewhere provided to the Yocto environment.

Does anyone know whether it is possible to build everything with Yocto without even installing the EDS ?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Marcel,
what board and chip are you talking about?
In case of Cycline/Arria it’s possible and should work using the meta-altea layer by default (assuming a correct build config file).
No need to install EDS in this case, but you won’t be able to use any of the FPGA stuff except prebuilt binaries, of course.
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Hi Florian,

Thanks for your answer.

I am using the altera cyclone V soc development kit. bitbake u-boot ran without errors, but in /deploy/ no spl file is generated. At the moment I have no EDS installed on the system with Yocto. will try that first.

But assumeing EDS is installed where in the Yocto tree do I have to add the handover files ?

AFAIK there is no official way to get Yocto and EDS to work together.
Maybe something is missing in your local.conf.
Besides others, you should have these lines in int:
MACHINE = "cyclone5"
UBOOT_CONFIG = “de0-nano-soc”

  • replace “de0-nano-soc” with the string that matches your dev kit.
    If nothing works as it should, you can try to use u-boot-socfpga from the meta-altera layer, but I don’t know if it correctly builds a working preloader binary.