Print baremetal HWLIB example on serial console

I have tried the Altera-SoCFPGA-HardwareLib-FPGA-CV-GNU from the DS-5 examples. When I debug using SEMIHOSTING=1 on Makefile it works well. It prints in DS-5 console and I can Debug. But I want the example to print in the serial console so I can move the example to an SD and directly running it from it. What I do is what the readme file says: put SEMIHOSTING=0 in Makefile and comment the line int __auto_semihosting; in the hwlib.c file. It prints nothing in the serial console when I click play in Debug, as it is supposed to do. I have my console in Putty correctly set to 115200 and it works with WS1Lab3 of rocketboards so this is not the problem.

If you have suffered and solved this problem or if it run as expected for you, tell me what you have done. I appreciate it.


You may refer to, there is an example called “Unhosted” which demonstrates on how to boot baremetal from SD card, the readme file shows the detail steps.