Problem with SoC quartus_cpf: command not found

I’m trying to convert the .sof file to the .rbf file. I use SoC EDS Command Shell on Ubuntu OS(14.04)
When I introduce the below command:
quartus_cpf -c -o bitstream_compression=on soc_system_top.sof soc_system.rbf
The shell returns me this message:
quartus_cpf: command not found

The quartus Version is 16.0 and the same version for SoC EDS.

How can i do to try the solve this problem? I am a beginner and I don’t know for what appear this problem. I think I installed everything correctly.

Thanks for your help!

If you enter ‘which quartus_cpf’ do you get a path? I’m guessing not. If not, you need to add the SOC tools in your path.

Thanks for your help!!!

How can I add the SOC tools in my path??

I’m surprised it’s not already there, but clearly it’s not.

Generally speaking, enter this in your shell:
export PATH

Then the quartus tools should be found.

Specifically, if you have Quartus 17.0 installed in the /opt/altera/17.0/ directory:

export PATH

If your version or installation path differs, substitute what you’ve got for what I’ve shown.

If you need access to sopc_builder executables as well, add
export PATH

For a general discussion on path modification, and how to make it permanent for your login, try this thread: