Programming FPGA from HSPs Linux System

Hello everyone,

I am very new to the work with FPGAs and embedded systems in generel.
Currently I started working with a DE10 Nano Dev Board and with the CycloneV on it.

I try to programm the .rbf files generated through Quartus on the FPGA, using a Linux Distro running on the SoCs HPS.

I am confused if I have to compile a Preloader and Bootloader for this like described in guides like this:

or if a prebuild SD image would achieve the same result.
I initially tried to compile it myself, but got stuck at some point.

Then I found this:

Is it possible programming the FPGA with the already booted up Linux OS using the commands described in the guide or am I overlooking something major here?

I hope my questions aren´t overly stupid.
I am very new to this topic.

Best Regards

hello… Rillex ,
you can easily do it… ! follow the steps below… !

you need a sd card and a linux system (ubuntu)…!

  1. make sure Quartus is installed in your ubuntu system.

  2. download this zipFIle and unzip → paste “socfpgaPlatformgenerator” folder it in your project top folder.

  3. go tho socfpgaPlatformgenerator and execute “without sudo” → python3

follow up with the console instruction appear as the program runs.

in the end you will get a SD image that will program the FPGA during boot… !

please get back to me… if you face any problem !!

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Hello pratikjoey,

thank you very very much.
But the download link doesnt seem to work.

Best Regards

please check this link… !

This link worked.
Thank you very much