QSGMII in an ONT device


I’m newbie in this stuff and I’m reading, learning and searching about a SoC Bridge that exchanges data between ethernet ports and a GPON port. I would like to know how these data are exchanged and if it is done by a network driver or what!

I think the SoC Bridge is a BroadLight BL2348:


while the device is an Alcatel-Lucent I-240G-T:

On the other hand, I’ve seen in the booting process the next lines. Maybe they are useful:

NET: Registered protocol family 1
MAC configurations: EMAC0, mode = QSGMII
MAC configurations: emacs_group_mode = QSGMII, emac_mode = NONE
BL lilac ethernet driver initialization: group_mode QSGMII emac_mode NONE macId EMAC0
NET: RDD version:

However, when I run the ifconfig command there are four ethernet interfaces (lan0, lan1, lan2 and lan3) with the same MAC address, another ethernet interface (wan15) with a different MAC address, and the loopback interface.

Actually, I would like to analyze the incoming traffic of the GPON interface. Any help? What should I read, learn or study?

Thanks, best regards

Hi DavidR,

Did you get any further on this ? I have just be given a pair of these ONTs and I was actually wondering if there is a way to use the HW to get two ONT’s to work together, i.e. to make a GIG Ethernet to Fibre bridge at all ??



Hi Adams,

I haven’t got any further on this but I think you can’t do what you want because these are GPON ONT’s and you’ll need an OLT as well. Therefore, you need switches.