Quartus 16.1 cannot open source file. Why?

I was using Quartus 13.1 long time and had no such problem. It successfully opened source files from any folder of the project. After restart the Quartus it opened all previously opened source files in editor.

In Q16.1 it doesn’t work. While i can open files in any subfolder, after restart Q16.1 complains “cannot file the file” and shows the path in message box where file should be in the root folder of the project, while really this file in the sub-folder. I still can open this file by clicking on it in project explorer. But after restart Q16 cannot open the file automatically again. Compilation also works fine. So only source editor cannot find the file after restart.
I’ve tried to add path in library settings, but it’s in vain…
Is it bug of Q16.1? Can it be solved?