Quartus II Lite License Restrictions (bare-metal)

I am using Quartus II Lite 16.0 with the DE1-SoC dev board.

I know the The Quartus II Lite free license does not include support for bare-metal development using DS-5.

But I can’t get the USB-Blaster II built into the DE1 board to connect with OpenOCD. Does this mean the Lite license only allows the USB-Blaster II to work via the EDS for linux based debugging? Or should it work with OpenOCD and my own ARM toolchain (ie not the included CodeSourcery gcc).

So basically, does the bare-metal restriction only apply to the EDS dev suite, or will the USB-Blaster II always be disabled for bare-metal?

I have searched the Altera forums & knowledge base and cannot get a clear answer.

Dear thanratty
I’m using Quartus Lite 16.0 with DE0 soc Atlas board and I’m able to program the FPGA (and not the ARM) via USB blaster
using DS-5 free edition you will able to connect the demo only via Ethernet, no bare metal programming is allow.

Hi Diego.

Debugging DS-5 with Linux isn’t my problem.

I’m using GCC/GDB and want to connect via the JTAG header on the board, there is a pin to disable the JTAG blaster. I’m having problems connecting at the moment, but a reply from Altera support says it can be done. This way, I can debug bare metal without buying a license.