Recommended board for Arria V SoC flow

I have a COTS product that contains an Arria V SoC, and I have never dealt with any Intel chips that have an HPS. This product was not designed to support development: No JTAG/Byte Blaster connections, no HPS serial port for your printf. It’s basically just load up an SD Card with the boot stuff and then you get ethernet.

So I need something a little more development friendly so I can take baby steps. However, it looks like Arria V SoC boards are completely out of stock, everywhere. Would a Cyclone V SoC board be the next best option? I just want to get some basic flow down: ARM processor custom C Code (bare metal) says “hello world” and then enables an LED via custom fabric code. Boot all of this from an SD Card and I’m happy.

Any recommendations?