Remote Debugging

Hi all,
I try to debug my FPGA design on the intelFPGA Arria 10 SoC device.
For that I add a “Signal Tap Logic Analyzer” in my Design.
The debugging works well over an USB Blaster and the JTAG interface.

Now, I try to do the same over the Ethernet interface. I started with the following description:

To use the “SLD Hub Controller System Intel FPGA IP” in my own Linux kernel and filesystem, I’m looking for the sources of the kernel module and the server application.
In the Documentation (previous link) I found the hint, that all sources are in the meta-remotedebug layer.
Does anyone know where I could find this layer?
Or the sources of the sld_hub kernel module and the mmlink application?


You can find sources here:
sld hub controller driver:
mmlink application:

Read through referenced document in of the driver link above and you will be able to put the pieces together easily.