Remote System Update

Refer to charpter 7 - 9 , document ug-s10-soc-hps-rsu.pdf, I try to create application image, using command below:

quartus_pfg -c hw/ghrd.2/output_files/ghrd_1sx280lu2f50e2vg.sof
-o hps_path=u-boot-socfpga/spl/u-boot-spl-dtb.hex
-o mode=ASX4 -o start_address=0x00000 -o bitswap=ON
-o hps=1

2 files generated: application2.hps.rpd, application2.core.rbf。 In uboot cli, I use ‘sf update’ command successfully update application2.hps.rpd . here, i met 2 confusing problem:
1)after updating , i execute ‘reset’, the new application2.hps.rpd is loaded successfully;
2) after updating, i try to power off, the new application2.hps.rpd is loaded unsuccessfully, reporting rsu state 0xF0040061.
anyone can help?
thanks a lot