[resolved] Reading sysid on stratix10 - newbie question


I’m new to stratix 10 and as a starting point I was thinking of trying to write a program that uses /dev/mem to read sysid value as implemented in Stratix 10 GHRD.

The test program I use simply maps hps_lw bridge and reads an int from sysid offset as was generated using sopc-create-header-files.
The addresses used for hps_to_fpga_lw bridge are:
#define HPS_TO_FPGA_LW_BASE 0xf9000000
#define HPS_TO_FPGA_LW_SPAN 0x00200000

And the offset for sysid is:
#define SYSID_BASE 0x40200
#define SYSID_SPAN 8
#define SYSID_END 0x40207

When running the program I get:
Unhandled fault: synchronous external abort (0x92000010) at 0x0000ffffa54cf200

any thoughts on what am I missing?
Thanks in advance,

resolved - turned out that u-boot.scr was corrupted and as a result hps-fpga bridge was not enabled.