Routing Ethernet packets through Arrow SoCkit Evaluation Board

Hello, I am trying to route packets coming in from the Ethernet port and into the Cyclone V SoC and have it directed out of the HSMC connector(for which I have the daughter board). Is there a way to have to direct the packets into the FPGA fabric by bypassing HPS(thereby saving time to configure the OS). Is there a way around this?

Thanks for your help!

Hello sudhee,

If you completely disconnect the HPS from the EMAC port you can then route it to fabric via QSYS HPS pin mux options as such:

After you apply the change on the right the new pins will be exposed and you can then export them from the HPS QYS directly into the custom fabric logic.


Thank you very much Steve.
I had a followup question:

You mentioned completely disconnecting the HPS from EMAC ports, can that be done solely via the Pin Mux GUI or do I have to write to a register address space to disable the same?

I believe that’s all you have to do.

Since that changes the pin mux make sure to regenerate Uboot with the new handoff files. Also, make sure to regenerate the device tree so the HPS won’t try to initialize the interface.