Running Linux on hps of DE1_SOC (newbie)

Hello all.

I am a newbie and I am trying to run a linux on hps for DE1_SOC.

First of all I download a linux console zip file form terasic website and burned the image into sd card using win32diskimager software.

After that I had created a custom system platform designer. ( picture is attached here).

Then using bsp-editor tool I create a preloader file from hpsfpa handoff files and used the command “alt-boot-disk-util -p preloader-mkpimage.bin -a write -d D” to load the preloader file into sd card.

When I put sd card into de1 soc board run putty terminal, it is giving error of “reading uboot.scr file”.
How should I create a uboot file, what about the device tree files and how should I tell it to run linux yocto that I had download from teraisc.

I had tried follow the rocketboards workshop on the same topic but they are using some different Qsys system and pre designed files, which I couldn’t map to my custom design.

Any help would be appreciated. ( please keep in mind that I am a newbie and might not understand easily the things that might seems trivial to you).

Thanks in advance.