S10 soc FSBL(U-BOOT) bridge open

Hello everyone.
I would like to open the bridge between HPS and FPGA in FSBL (U-BOOT).
Access the following in FSBL (U-BOOT)
It freezes when you try.
Please tell me how to access.

-Set the privilege filter bits for the H2F and LWH2F bridges and everything

mw.l 0xFFD24800 0xFFFFFFFF
Thank you

Are you using a u-boot script? This is the line that does it for me.

bridge enable 0xffffffff

Thanks, jackfrye11
Write what you want to achieve.

  1. Add a new OCRAM (onchip_memory2_0) to GHRD (qsys).
  2. Place SSBL (u-boot-dtb.mif) in onchip_memory2_0 as an initial value.
  3. In the FSBL
    (1) Opening of HPStoFPGA Bridge
    (2) SDRAM (L3) 0x1000 <— Load <— onchip_memory2_0 (u-boot-dtb.mif)
    (3) jump 0x1000
    Thank you

I have never done that flow. It seems like you have 1. and 2. done and that if you add my command to a u-boot script, it will accomplish (1), although that is probably what that assembly command you have written does. (2) and (3), I have not done. I don’t know how to tell u-boot to jump to some physical address. Depending on what bus you are using to talk to the fabric, you will have to point the processor to the base address for that bus’s address space (consult https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/programmable/hps/cyclone-v/hps.html) + whatever the offset of the OCM is on that bus. All of this assumes that hardware support, if necessary, for reads from that address space has already been set up by FSBL so that fetch instructions from the ARM processor will actually work.

That is all I got.

Thanks, jackfrye11
from miura