Sd image is not working cycloneV DE1 soc

Hi… I am using DE1 cyclone V soc, i downloaded the sdcard image from here, i am following this tutorial.

mounted the sdcard.img in a 32GB sd card. and put it on my DE1 soc .
nothing shows up in putty terminal…Baud (115200)

please suggest me solution why it is not working…

I tried with DE1-SoC and I didn’t see anything coming through at the console either.
Maybe design was for Cyclone V SoC Development Kit, rev. E, only.

i Have rev G board…? have you heard about rsYocto project of robseb…

robseb/socfpgaPlatformGenerator: Script to build the bootloader (u-boot) and bring all components to a bootable image for Intel (ALTERA) SoC-FPGAs (