SPL Preloader from U-boot to boot from SD FAT partition - Big Size


Is it possible to generate SPL Preloader in U-boot sources using QTS Files so it is able to boot U-boot from
SDCard FAT partition?

When I enable the CONFIG_SPL_FAT_SUPPORT in uboot the size of SPL is around 250 000 bytes.
When i do not enable CONFIG_SPL_FAT_SUPPORT size is ~~ 55 000 bytes. (so it is still in max range)

I mean When I generate preloader-mpkimage via altera bsp-editor, It can boot also from FAT SD partition and its size is still OK.


I dont understand quite well the Question.
Here I explain how I generated the preloader to boot the u-boot from FAT32 partition.
You only have to activate SD support, select 1 as fat boot partition and write the name of the u-boot file in the FAT partition, in my case is called u-boot.img.


I forgot to specify it more.
Yes this is how I am doing it in U-Boot 2013 and it is working OK.

But I am going little beyond and I am generating preloader binary in U-boot 2016+.
Based on QTS Files from hand-off files.

Process QTS-generated files into U-Boot compatible ones.

There the SPL Settings need to be enabled in u-boot config.

And there is the problem that preloader binary get very big after FAT Support is enabled.