Supported Device Driver List?

Hello, I have been doing FPGA design for many years, but fairly new to the Altera HPS and embedded Linux (although I have experience with the Xilinx dual-ARM system). I have an Arria 10 project that will use PTP enabled in the Ethernet MAC. For the Arria 10, the Low Latency 10G MAC is the main one available in Qsys. Is there somewhere that has an all-encompassing list of supported Linux device drivers for various Qsys components? In other words it would be nice to know at FPGA design time how well my MAC will be supported. The AN739 reference design for PTP uses the Ethernet 10G MAC (not Low Latency one), but that option is not available in Arria 10.


Are you looking for something like this:

Thank you for the reply. Yes, indeed something like this - but there must be more peripheral support than that given the number of possible peripherals, right? For instance what does Linux use for the 10G MAC, or Low Latency 10G MAC?

Does anyone else know where I can find a broader list of supported Qsys components for Linux/Device Tree? For an Arria 10 device, there are several possible configurations for 10G Ethernet (MAC, and the Multi-rate PHY or the Native Transceiver PHY, etc.). Is there a more all-encompassing list somewhere…or is the list provided by schnudi all that is available without writing your own drivers?

Why not using the Ethernet Controller on HPS?

That’s a good question - we were advised by Intel FPGA (FAE and developers) that the HPS MAC would not give us sub 100ns precision (or right near 100ns) that we are looking for. They said the 10G MAC or TSE MAC would have to be used with all the appropriate peripherals, as in the Arria V reference design, AN739.