To: Jim Haberly: "Linux Drivers"

Hi Jim,
I looked for to send you direct message/mail but did not find.
You appear as author/editor of the page Linux Drivers.
So, my message to you.

  1. Most of links are broken in Kernel Source Location column.

  2. I look for explicit list of the drivers that GSRD inclides (and escpecial for SPI ).
    In GSRD 19.3 Release Notes appears the following list:
    Drivers: I2C, LCD, EEPROM, RTC, Ethernet, USB (Host), Watchdog, SD/MMC, QSPI, DMA, FPGA Manager, and FPGA Bridges

    However in Linux Drivers regardin SPI:
    HPS SPI Master
    Altera SPI Controller
    Please set a order in both lists

  3. I cannot find any example of using SPI, both FPGA IP and HPS one. I suppose that it can be 2 ways: either by mmap() (for Altera SPI) or by SPI drivers (for both SPIs) , Am I right?

Best regards,