U-boot 2016-05 (and later) and bsp-editor generated files

With the newer u-boot versions the board configuration files have been changed.
The location is changed (they are now in a qts subdirectory)

and some files are merged f.i. the data from iocsr_config_cyclone5.c is now put inside the header file.

So far this looks all quite obvious, but I have some remaining questions:

  • reset_config.h is not there enymore, how is this now handled ?
  • Is it possible to generate the files in the “new u-boot format” with the bsp-editor ?

I assume the folloiwn part has to be integrated with the handoff data for reset:

* Release peripherals from reset based on handoff
void reset_deassert_peripherals_handoff(void)
writel(0, &reset_manager_base->per_mod_reset);