U-Boot Make target Error


I am using Altera Arria 10 for custom board and building U-boot binary image(mkpimage.bin) using Quartus Prime and SOC EDS tool taking reference from:

I have created uboot_bsp folder which include:

While running make command following error of no make target found is seen.

How to remove following error?


This error occurs during execution of make file when the files on which make file is working are either already up to date or one of those files on which make file is working is missing. Make the following checkouts

  1. The make file and the target files mentioned in make file are in the same directory
  2. Are the files already been used and updated by make file. For example, you had already executed make file. Make file has done all the work that was needed. It created output file but now when you try to run make file again then it shows you that error because it thinks that I has already created output files so why to create that file again. If that is the case then you can delete the target files and try to run make file again,
  3. Open make file and check in it that the target files (specially names) are correct?
  4. Check the read and write permissions of your folder. Sometimes that also effect make file. If folder is write protected then make files shows this error.


I found that uboot-socfpga , which i am downloading from git is archived, so I used make TGZ=uboot-socfpga.tar.gz
It generated a new error:

please help to resolve the same.


Hi, Oh no no. uboot-socfpga.tar.gz is a compress file. You dont use make with tar.gz file. Follow following steps:

  1. First unzip the file

For that open embedded command shell and then (To unzip tar files type (tar zxf uboot-socfpga.tar.gz). Remember
2. Then use make for unzipped file.

The command after make , TGZ=uboot-socfpga.tar.gz , extracts the compressed file, and now new error is generated.
The zip file gets extracted from above command.

ok. what is the error? Can you share the screen shot or something?

Hello ,

The error got resolved.Thank you for the help.
I was actually running the make command out of Altera Embedded Shell, directly from the uboot folder, so it was taking the wrong path and was unable to untar and find gcc compiler.


ok. no problem. Glad that your issue is resolved. Just keep in mind that when you make design and writing software for that design, it is done in embedded command shell. Uboot is used only when you need to do something on your SoC board.

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