U-Boot stuck at "Starting kernel ..."

When I compile U-Boot 2020.07, the boot process hangs at the “Starting kernel …” message. However, when using a precompiled U-Boot 2013.01, the kernel successfully starts.

All other parameters are the SAME between U-Boot versions (the DTB is the same, the kernel is the same, and the U-Boot configuration is the same).

Will you please provide me with guidance on what else to check? Thank you!

  1. Are you running bsp-create-settings based on your fpga output?
  2. Are you running ./arch/arm/mach-socfpga/qts-filter.sh in the u-boot directory after running bsp-create-settings?
  3. The dts from 2013 is a bit out of date. You should try autogenerating one with the java tool ‘sopc2dts.jar.’ But don’t use it directly, it doesn’t work for me. It too is out of date, but you can compare it to what you are using to see if there are any gross errors.
  4. Are you aware there are two dts files? One for u-boot and one for the linux kernel. You need to edit both for your hardware. Again, the auto-generated one does not work for me YMMV.