Uboot printf erroe

hi all
I use uboot version u-boot-socfpga-socfpga_v2013.01.01
the kitboard is cylone v

static int display_banner(void)
(void) getc(); //this line is modify
printf("\n\n%s\n\n", version_string);
debug(“U-Boot code: %08lX -> %08lX BSS: -> %08lX\n”,
_bss_start_ofs + _TEXT_BASE, _bss_end_ofs + _TEXT_BASE);
debug(“Modem Support enabled\n”);
debug(“IRQ Stack: %08lx\n”, IRQ_STACK_START);
debug(“FIQ Stack: %08lx\n”, FIQ_STACK_START);

return (0);


the problem is not add modify line uboot printf not display
only display mian.c fun abortboot 's (void) getc(); run after
only display bootdelay count

add modify line
i must hit the any key of the keyboard
can run next step
and the after ( display_banne) fun all printf can ok

i feel serial_init fun error or init isn’t finish
but i am not sure this

Hello @leilei,
printing banner should function well. I have not any problems with the same version of U-Boot and the same kit.
Are You absolutelly sure You have configured and compiled U-Boot and preloader? Mixxing different U-Boot and preloader compilations could cause strange behavior such this one.
Do You follow this guide: https://rocketboards.org/foswiki/Documentation/EmbeddedLinuxBeginnerSGuide?
Best wishes,
Jan Konečný.

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