Unable to boot updated SDcard (A10 SoC Devkit)

Thanks, i would like to try it. I could learn some from it in any case though I would want to start by converting it to my Devkit. I am no longer sure where my problem lies so I am willing to try anything. I have a ticket open with Altera but so far no activity on it. I expect the project files will be too large to email. If so then do you have a Dropbox or some way to leave them somewhere and send me a link?.(If not I can give you my Dropbox password and you can leave it there.)

If I can get a flat HPD design to load I plan to post it for others. I can’t be the only person puzzling over this.


Let me know when you’ve downloaded it.
This dropbox link will only be good for today.
If you have more issue then I’ll see if I can quickly port it to the A10 dev kit.

BTW - This project booted Linux on our hardware using an Arria 10 FPGA.

I’ve downloaded it. I’m just now digging into it. I will keep you posted.

Mucho Gracias,

Converted the project to Quartus v17.0.2 and updated A10 type to 10as066n3f40e2sge2. Picking my way thru assigning pins locations and trimming as little as possible (but I will not have I2C devices that will make sense to your code so I’ll at least have to turn that off).

I believe I have the problem solved. Thanks for the project help. I used the files and converted almost everything but got hung up an making new pin assignments for my devkit board (I may have had them right but I was being extra-cautious as I didn’t want to create conflicts that cause more problems). As I worked this I got a tip from a vendor to try a different version of GHRD to start since I would not have to modify (and insert new errors) and I would not be stuck because I don’t have the IP license to compile the GHRD. I am going to try to post my solution to a different thread since it really follows the ‘Flat Design’ issue more than the boot problem that the title of this thread is under. Thanks for your help.

Great news and work!