Unable to program Stratix10 SX H-Tile with the GSRD

I have a Stratix10 H-Tile board I am trying to program with the GSRD but when I follow the steps here, I am unable to get any output from the serial terminal.

I am sure I built the GSRD correctly as it generated the correct files, sdimage.tgz and u-boot-spl-dtb.hex.

Then I flashed the .wic file in the sdimage.tgz file onto the sdcard and put it into the slot on the board.

Then I created the QSPI image using the command in the tutorial with the generated .hex file.

I set the MSEL switches to JTAG mode and I powercycled the board and wrote the image to the FPGA, then I configured it back to QSPI mode.

When I try to see output on the serial terminal, I get nothing. I am not sure what to do now. Has anyone found any success in programming the GSRD on the Stratix10 SX Devkit?